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Even if it’s directed at someone you don’t know, it’s still unsettling.“It also says a lot about your potential future with this person—that they are very likely to turn the rude button on you at some point soon,” Assimos points out.“When you don’t tell your partner why you’re angry, hurt, or upset, those feelings don’t just magically go away,” says Colby Marie Z is a sex & relationship coach.“Instead, they eventually cause resentment, which is relationship kryptonite.” Plus, when you’re mad, there’s a good chance your partner can tell, and denying it will likely annoy them more than just fessing up to what’s actually wrong.“While the occasional feelings of jealousy might not necessarily spell disaster for a relationship, extreme and excessive jealousy can be dangerous and lead to destructive behaviors,” says Dr.

“If you’re having a fight or annoyed by your partner, the classy and appropriate course of action is to address it directly,” Bennett says.“When a man consciously disposes of the condom and the wrapper (which often gets broken into two pieces), it tells the woman he respects her, but also that he respects himself and the space around him,” explains Lauren Brim, a sexual wellness and alternative relationship coach.“It’s the equivalent of helping to make the bed the next morning in that it says, ‘we’re in this together.’” This isn’t cool in any relationship, but even worse in a romantic one.Neither are healthy for a relationship.” It’s pretty annoying when your S. heads to the kitchen to grab a snack and doesn’t ask if you want anything.According to Lisa Concepcion, dating and relationship expert, these little instances of being inconsiderate can add up over time and turn into real conflict.

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If you didn’t know about this relationship, it could be one of 10 Secrets Your Partner Is Definitely Keeping From You. “While it’s normal to need space, cutting off all communication doesn’t really serve any purpose other than to ‘punish’ your partner,” notes Jonathan Bennett, a certified counselor and dating expert.

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