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I believe I have an olive complexion because my skin has a greenish tinge.

When I wear pinks which are supposed to compliment people with cool undertones, I look off but I also look terrible in golds which are supposed to compliment people with warm undertones.

They just wanted to sell their products because they get payed on commission (the more they sold, the higher the amount they got payed).

It didn’t matter to them if the product did not match your skin or look good on you.

I was going to ask the “artist” to color match me and to teach me how to color match myself in the future. The frumpy looking women at the Lancome counter who calls herself a makeup artist had no clue what she was doing.

She applied stark white foundation on me that yet again clashed with my olive complexion. Needless to say I was sorely dissappointed and did not ask her a single thing. Apparently, none of the so called “makeup artists” in Kuwait knew how to apply foundation or any kind of makeup correctly.

It took me a long time to figure out but I believe I am “neutral”.

First of all, I know I’ve been promising to do a giveaway but to be completely honest, I’m not sure how many people actually read my blog. That would be so embarrassing which is what’s holding me back. Leave a comment below if you want me to have a giveaway but if nobody comments, instead of the winner of the giveaway getting the “prize(s)”, I’ll just give them to a family member or friend. I’ve decided to start a new series called “My Story”. I debated where to begin my story and finally settled on starting with my skintone. They say that if they are blue, you are cool toned (like my mom) but if they are green, you are warm toned, (like my dad).

The point of this series is to make my blog a bit more personal, give you some background info so you guys can understand my thought process when I’m on the hunt for a certain product, and to have a feel for my style. Well, maybe you can relate or you might find it helpful or at the very least you might avoid making the same mistakes I made. If you look good in silver than you are cool toned.

Posted in Asian Beauty, BB Cream & CC Cream, Douglas, Dubai, Foundation, Germany, Korea, Kuwait, Lancome, MAC, Make Up For Ever, Maybelline, Missha, My Story, Revlon, Sephora, The Body Shop, Tinted Moisturizer Hello luvs, It’s been awhile since I last blogged but I was adjusting to married life, decorating our new place, getting to know my new family and so on but that hasn’t stopped me from trying out new makeup products, reviewing the stuff I already had, and jotting down notes in my lil notebook for future blog posts.

Now if only I can find the time (read: motivation) to transfer all that to my blog.

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