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Their national averages are the same as others, despite the fact that on average they spend up to 20% less time in the classroom – with strikes being only one of the many interruptions of the Italian school year.Troublemakers or not, perhaps there is something to be learned from the Italian way of studying!

The girl gets to know a very handsome boy name Edward Cullen at her new school, he gets to know the very handsome boy named Edward Cullen. In some small incident he protected her against being crashed by a car and they started dating.

Some people may remember the “Paris spring” of 1968, when in the French capital university students and factory workers all went on strike in a crisis which almost made the French republic collapse, but for many this is a long time ago now. It seems that almost every autumn there is a reason to protest. But what is certain, is that very few students object.

Most of the protests are national, like the current opposition to the government’s planned educational reforms, but there are also protests against things like local issues such as heating in the classes or treatment of individual students. All over the country they go on strike, they have demonstrations in the streets, they occupy their schools, they have lots of meetings and sometimes they try to run the schools themselves for a period, setting up their own lessons and courses. “I think it’s important to show what we feel” says one high school student, “The new school reform will be very bad for state schools.” Other students are more sceptical. ” says one student, “It means we get a few days off school.” Another student is openly cynical: “All the people who are doing this...

I did not find (nie znalazłam) any blankets on Sunday so we had (mieliśmy) a picnic by the river sitting on the grass. She has not passed (nie zdała) her driving test seven times so far.

I was (be) late to work last week because I did not catch (not/catch) the earliest train 1. Yes, she got (dostała) this CD for her birthday last week.

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