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Usage of all these facilities are biddah (innovation) as these were not available during Prophet's Thus, issues dealt with differently but based on the basic rules of Islam are acceptable, necessary and sometimes mandatory.You cannot freeze Islamic nation in History by your illogical biddah arguments.and his anger increased so that he was like one giving a warning against the enemy and saying:" The enemy has made a morning attack on you and in the evening too." He would also say:" The last Hour and I have been sent like these two." and he would join his forefinger and middle finger; and would further say:" The best of the speech is embodied in the Book of Allah, and the best of the guidance is the guidance given by Muhammad He would further say:, I am more dear to a Muslim even than his self; and he who left behind property that is for his family.

Watch the following video clips showing celebrations of Saudi National Day In September 2013, as part of 83rd Multi-Milion Dollar Saudi National Day celebrations, world's largest Cake was prepared in Jedddah Saudi Arabia. "When you were born, a light rose over the Earth until it illuminated the horizon with its radiance. 1, Page 48which the following couplets were mentioned.It was made in the shape of the Kingdom's map and was displayed at Jeddah International Airport.The Cake had a photo-print of the founder of Saud dynasty ruling Arabian Peninsula.

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We use modern transportation, like cars, Fast underground/underwater trains and airplanes.

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