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But all we advise is that men should try and cut their coat according to their material 4.In search of a ‘working class’ Today, most Nigerian men are in search of a wife capable of sharing financial responsibilities with them.If this is the case, time of quality search can help heal the wound of such man. They get sex freely without marriage than in time past Realizing now that they can get sex more easily than in times past, when ‘virginity’ for women was a pass value to marriage, some men now feel lot of women today have lost it when it comes to keeping themselves whole.But, this might not be the fault of women as promiscuity is not an exclusive act than can be carried out without the consent of either gender. Nigeria weddings are expensive In a country where a man is expected to marry a woman in three different kinds of wedding- Religious, Traditional and Court, the cost of marriage no doubt is something men find very intimidating.Before getting into marriage talks, it is a common thing among men to ask their brothers, friends who are already married on how the social institution is and the testimonies they get are most times discouraging, as such they fear their marriage will be a replica of the testimonies they have gathered. Cultural limitations Nigeria is a country with diverse culture and The diversity sometimes create challenges for men who are in search of women with similar culture.The good thing though is that those who endeavor to explore inter-cultural relationships get the opportunity to gain an in-depth appreciation of other customs.

next thing she was shocked to see the ring looked similar to what uncle gave her. every time uncle will be coming to her office to bring lunch but for two people instead, she and another colleague in Admin.If babe ask, uncle will say ah ha, are you girls not friends again..Gone are the days when men marry ‘full-house-wives’, the increasing cost of living has tilted most men in favor of ladies who have a means of livelihood and willing to share with their man, the burden of building a home. Fear of freedom There is a common belief among some men that marriage puts an end to one’s freedom.Single men today are much more proud about not being dependent and being on their own.

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