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But here's the thing: My friend has some kind of flirtatious magnetic power.

She's managed to get multiple offers for dates through this strategy.

What I quickly learned from our conversation, however, is that just wasn't going to fly.

Pitfalls be damned, Steinberg gave me the following guidelines to all but guarantee that I had a date by the time I emerged from my evening commute: Start the conversation."I would start by asking him a question about anything in your environment—anything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell," suggest Steinberg.

On the way to work, my train was laughably crowded—so much so that we were at a standstill at a Brooklyn station as the doors cartoonishly opened and closed for five minutes straight.

Most of my fellow commuters were unamused, but I caught the eye of the extremely attractive guy standing next to me (man bun ), and we burst out laughing.

That’s why, we are committed to assisting Asian singles everywhere in their search for a lasting relationship.

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That gives him the message that she's not interested in him, so he'll become less interested in her."Are you at opposite ends of the car? If he doesn't respond or he turns away, you don't want to get in his face.

As long as you're giving off a friendly, approachable, available, light and breezy type of energy, then you should be okay."So what do you do if he turns out to be not so great in conversation, creepy, or you have a terrible first date and are now subjected to seeing him every day on your shared commute?

Most people, if you acknowledge but then don't pay attention to them, will move on."With this insider advice in my arsenal, I was ready to suck it up, nip my awkwardness in the bud, and waltz onto that train platform with guns blazing.

And a couple of days after our conversation, I got my opportunity.

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