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“We call this the ‘inner game’, looking at why there might be a fear of rejection, what rejection is, how you feel about yourself.

It’s important to know your ‘inner game’ before learning your ‘outer game’, which is about bringing out your strengths and concealing weaknesses,” he says.

“You should come across genuinely interested, and allow an easy flow of conversation. A lot of focus in the PUA boot camps is on body language.

Online dating hasn’t helped, and to Peimer, it’s the “coward’s way out”.

Far from slouching at the bar, the participants have to approach women and strike up conversations – under the watchful eye of their PUA instructors.

Like their overseas counterparts, the PUA instructors give them feedback on where they are going wrong.

Strauss concluded that pick-up “techniques” are often basic habits that should have been taught to him by society in the first place.

The book was controversial in some quarters – Australian journalist Malcolm Knox wrote in his review, “I doubt he has anything helpful for anyone except those men whose emotional maturity stalled at age 15” – but it nonetheless made the New York Times best-seller list following its release in 2005.

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