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Meanwhile, Bobby is accidentally infected by Jodie while trying to help her when she coughs blood on her.

She hides her infection from the others by wiping her face and hiding her blood covered shirt.

Some renegade virus could make the world a "survival of the fittest" ordeal.

He is trying to get his daughter Jodie to the hospital (she is infected with a disease of some kind), they all decide to travel together.Kate urges Danny to leave Brian whilst he is sleeping, but as the two try to leave Brian wakes up and it is discovered that he has the car keys.Brian refuses to give Danny the correct car keys unless he can continue to travel with them, despite Danny's pleas.Danny breaks into a seemingly abandoned house in search of medical supplies to treat his brother's wound, and he is forced to shoot a stray dog that attempts to attack him.Danny soon discovers that his brother is also infected after tending to Brian's wound.

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Kate stresses that they will end up dead if Bobby continues to travel with them, and Brian ends up leaving a weeping Bobby behind at a deserted gas station.

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