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Our aim is to serve truly authentic cuisine, with a selection of traditional and innovative new dishes created with a combination of superb facilities and a long-standing local reputation for excellence.Derived from a dish served at the court of the Mughal emperors, marinated tandoori lamb or chicken fillets are cooked to a mild sauce with cardamom pods, pureed tomatoes and cream. Literally meaning 'hot-fry' the term entered the English language at the time of the Raj in India.An authentic Rogan Josh is delicately spiced and cooked to its distinctive red colour with the use of sweet pimentos, capsicums and tomatoes. Dopiaza uses onions in two different ways, fried and boiled, at different stages of the cooking.The restaurant version has small fried pieces of onion in the sauce and then larger chunks of lightly cooked onion added towards the end of cooking.An array of appetisers is served daily across India in many delicious combinations.Indian snacks (Namkeens) make a welcome beginning to any meal and this opportunity to 'dip in' to a range of delicious flavours is not to be missed.The name dopiaza broadly translates as 'double onions' and a classic Indian dopiaza uses onions in two different ways, fried and boiled, at different stages of the cooking.

Grilling and barbecue cookery has been at the centre of the country's favourite recipes for centuries.

A testament to the art of combining fine ingredients to produce a sublime taste.

We pride ourselves on using wonderfully fresh ingredients to their best advantage to create a range of delectable starters, inspired by authenitc recipes from across the Indian continent, full of flavour and visual appearance.

Lightly fried onions cooked with tomatos to a natural red sweet and sour sauce.

This is first and foremost a style of cooking in which the spices are gently fried to bring out their flavour before they are used in the recipe.

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