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In the space diner sequence, if you look closely you can see Millennium Falcon which is one of the spaceships seen parked outside the space diner.

The Millennium Falcon is Han Solo's spaceship in the Star Wars films, which Spaceballs (1987) parodies.

I am sure there is an audience for "Speed-Dating" out there, I just wasn't the target audience for it.

The award winning Imagination Series short film series returns with Academy Award-Winning Writer Geoffrey Fletcher's new script.

The people in the movie were doing adequate jobs, but no one were memorable."Speed-Dating" failed to impress me and didn't leave any lasting memory at all.

If you are in for an evening of comedy and fun, you are better off with another movie.So we tend to forget the older ones because we assume they already or still have their partner or if they don't that they are simply not interested anymore in finding love.But one needs love and a special one to rely on their whole life.If you're feeling low, this film will cheer you up unbelievably. It has an endless line of rib-cracking gags ("Let's jam the catapult" says a character at a certain stage in the film. Another great gag is when the bad guys are chasing after the good guys, instead of going at light speed they go at "ludicrous" speed.Every space film you could think of is spoofed in this film, from "Planet Of The Apes" to "Star Wars".

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