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One of the more popular recent features added to Tinder is ‘Super Likes’ where members can pay to have a certain amount of ‘Super Likes’ to those people who they find really attractive or want to get to know better.

These ‘Super Likes’ help grab other members’ attention and make it easier to match with.

When it comes to matching with an actual person on Tinder, it’s quite easy to do.

While you’re location may be in a different city, you can pretend to be in a new city and see what the local men and women are like.

While there’s no formal profile, there is a ‘describe yourself’ box where you can write up to 500 characters about you and what you’re looking for on Tinder.

It’s clear that Tinder is more about appearance than substance when compared to OKCupid and Plenty of Fish.

There have also been a number of changes and updates made to Tinder since the application was first launched in 2012 that should be made clear to you, the reader.

When it comes to the main features of Tinder, you have to start with the important profile pictures, which helps to determine if you can get matches or not as a user.

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